Immigration to Ukraine

Ukraine is getting popular as a destination for people wanting to live and work in a country with growing economic potential, hospitable people and near future prospects for membership in European Union and Schengen zone.

Our company offers professional consulting services in regard to Ukrainian Immigration laws, policies, and procedures. We can help whether you are considering a move to Ukraine temporarily or permanently.

Advantages of the residence permit in Ukraine

the right to move and reside freely on the territory of Ukraine;
the right to education (including free education for children);
the right to acquiring citizenship of Ukraine *;
the right to financial services in Ukraine (cards, accounts, credits, loans etc.);
no need of getting work permit for employment (casual, temporary, regular job) *;
the right on appropriate working conditions (working hours, health and safety standards, holiday entitlements);
the right to family reunification (spouse, minor children and parents of PR holder are entitled to residence permit of the same duration);
no need of obtaining visas, filling immigration cards, getting registrations, paying consular fees;
the right on duty-free entry of vehicles (for personal use);
the right to obtaining visas to third countries from Ukraine;
the right on pension provision, family allowance and social security (minimum income support, retirement pensions, free health care, etc.)
* – only for permanent residence permit holders

Permanent Resident (P.R)

Permanent residence grants recipients similar rights and privileges enjoyed by Ukrainian citizens (excepting the right to vote or to hold a position with a high-level security clearance). Ukrainian Residence status does not influence the holder’s original citizenship. This is very convenient for those who came in Ukraine with long-term goals but can easily come back to his home country at any time.

Invitation in UA can guide and advise you on the most appropriate steps to take in applying for your Ukrainian residence permit/immigration visa. Should you have any questions in regard to the residence permit, please feel free to get in contact with one of our experienced immigration consultants.

Temporary Resident Permit (T.R.P)

 Temporary Resident Permit is a document permitting a foreign citizen or a stateless person to reside in Ukraine without any time restrictions to implement all the long-term intentions. Obtaining status of the permanent resident of Ukraine equalizes it’s holder with the citizen of Ukraine and guarantees protection of legal rights and freedoms by the state.

Call to Action

* If you don’t have any obvious reason for the residence permit – our specialist will advise you on the possible variants

Getting Started

Our Firm offers you the opportunity to arrange all immigration documents competently and in the shortest time, even without your personal presence. Obtaining residence permit in Ukraine in cooperation with our lawyers becomes quick and easy. Your documents will be properly arranged and timely submitted to the Migration Service of Ukraine.